Thursday, December 14, 2006

Videos of Joe in Poland

Here I am being photographed and being asked to sign books. The Polish people are warm and loving. I loved being there and can't wait to go back.
Watch Joe get swamped for pics and autographs

Here I am after dinner with my Polish publisher, who just printed The Attractor Factor, in Polish. He is a smart, happy, contagiously excited gentleman. And he paid for dinner.
Listen as Joe talks with Poland book publishers Visit to learn more about One Press, Andrzej Pikon and Grzegorz Schwarz

Here you can see me in action in Warsaw, Poland. While it's awkward to speak and hear myself being translated at the same time, the entire room seemed to hang on my every word. It was a sold out crowd and I loved sharing my ideas with them.
Listen as Joe explains Zero Limits in seminar

I didn't have my luggage for three of the four days I was in Poland. Here you get to see me react to its arrival. This is a great lesson on "The Attractor Factor."
Watch as Joe Hugs Luggage

Ao Akua,