Friday, November 21, 2008

Joe Vitale is asked about his Car Consumption

When is enough enough? When does it become consumerism? I explain how I attract my cars and reveal my motto for living a happy life.

Am I doing LOA wrong if I take a Job just to pay my bills?

If you take a job just to pay your bills, does it mean the law of attraction doesn't work? Hear my answer live in front of an audience in Chicago.

Joe Vitale Contrasts The Missing Secret with The Awakening Course

What's the difference between my two audio programs-- The Missing Secret and The Awakening Course? I explain both live in Chicago at a book signing there. I also describe the fourth stage of awakening.

Can You Change Other People Using the Law of Attraction?

In Chicago I answered interesting questions. This one is "Can you change other people using the law of attraction?"

Are More Details better when using the Law of Attraction?

When you visualize what you want, do you get really specific about details? What works best? Watch as I answer the question in front of a live book store audience in Chicago.

Joe Vitale Reveals How to find Patience

In Chicago I was asked how to deal with impatience. What did I say? My answer surprised even me.

How to change kids with Law of Attraction

How can you change your kids? How can you use the law of attraction to influence the young ones? I answer it live in a Chicago book store.

Joe Vitale is asked about power of Gratitude

How powerful is gratitude? I explain the power of this simple tool. I also reveal the title of my next audio program, coming out in February.

Joe Vitale explains Best Clearing Method

What is the best method for getting clear of inner blocks? I answer this question live in Chicago at a small book signing. In fact, I'm "clearing" as I'm speaking.

When can a person Stop Cleaning?

If you're clearing yourself to be happier, when do you stop? When have you done any clearing method enough? And what if you don't know what belief to clear? I answer all in this live book store gathering.

Why Does Joe Vitale Wear Beads?

Why do I wear beads? What do they mean? I explain my beads and my brand in this intimate book store gathering.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Joe Vitale Finds Great Service in Chicago

I spent a week in Chicago recording a new product, and then shopping on the Magnifient Mile. I meet a service oriented woman who sells hand-made leather bags from Florence, Italy -- including a bag that looks like a guitar and actually plays YOUR music!
Ao Akua,