Monday, January 11, 2010

Ho'Oponopono Opera

Joe Vitale and entourage watch as Sarah Marie sings Opera arias. Rumor has it Sarah uses ho'oponopono in her singing.

Opera Meets Joe Vitale's Alien Guitar

Joe Vitale of The Secret startles Opera singer Sarah Marie with the world's one and only Alien Guitar. Her reaction says it all.

Joe Vitale Reveals Secret Alien Guitar

Watch Joe Vitale of The Secret reveal the world's first alien guitar to Mathew Dixon His reaction is priceless.

Joe Vitale 56th birthday video clips

Clips from Joe Vitale birthday bash with featured guests The Collie Clan, Sarah Marie, and Joe Vitale.

A Family of 15 Sings Christmas Carol to Dr. Joe Vitale

The Collie family -- 13 children with parents Bruce and Holly Collie --stopped by the home of Joe Vitale and Nerissa Oden of to sing a beautiful Christmas carol and deliver 8 pizzas to celebrate their new pizza oven and pizza recipes!

The African Smooth Talker Guitar

Joe Vitale of shows his unusual African Smooth Talker guitar to Jeremy Jenkins of The Smooth Talker is made by Mervyn Davis of

Joe Vitale Plays Gitjo Banjo-Guitar receives his first Gitjo, a guitar-banjo hand-made by Jeremy Jenkins of Lame Horse Instruments